keel1616 RT @aravindgov: For starters, temples will stop sending the cows given as daana to slaughterhouses. Around 5500 cows went missing from Tiru…
🚩JaiSriRam🚩(2021/04/03 06:11:46)

ellle_em Hey here’s a POKEMON CHALLENGE because whatever, I’m bored

Pick one of the Kanto starters then pick a Pokemon whos…
Elle M. (they/them)(2021/04/03 06:11:39)

PatCollins63 @ImLeifErickson When do the Red Sox play their starters?
Pat Collins(2021/04/03 06:11:30)

OriolesStatist1 Career hit 881 and double 157 for Freddy Galvis.

8 of the Orioles 9 starters have a hit today, and all have reache…
Orioles Statistics(2021/04/03 06:11:22)

ToshiKao_Love // I’m still so new at rping on Twitter, I’m sorry guys if my starters are terrible. I’m really trying 😞
Kaiya Misaki(2021/04/03 06:11:08)

BakeKater RT @Megapope: So, putting how whakapapa actually works aside for a moment. Can we talk about how fucking stupid this whole ‘no pureblood Mā…
Kate(2021/04/03 06:11:03)

ClairesOwner @gregbd Truly laughable. How about no admittance to hospital care, their work place or schools for starters.
Coreen S🇨🇦🧡🏳️‍🌈(2021/04/03 06:10:54)





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