Sir_Agreste I am never turning back to last year. https://t.co/dxHaNDB6OD
🌙✨Gabriel An.✨🌙(2020/12/15 02:02:48)

megu_momochi REQUEST @arashi5official @MTV #FridayLivestream


IN THE SUMMER 🐚 Turning Up 🎶 Kaito 🍀 Whenever YouCall 🌉
めぐ②(2020/12/15 02:02:48)

murasakitoneko REQUEST @arashi5official @MTV #FridayLivestream

嵐 / Party Starters / Whenever You Call / IN THE SUMMER / Turning U… https://t.co/OAhB1h9q64
NekoJ💜(2020/12/15 02:02:47)

Broadricks3 RT @oddy4real: Again, we shouldn’t let countries we should be invading and turning into vassal states bully our citizens. Our leaders need…
broadricks yinks#EndSars(2020/12/15 02:02:47)

kamranbajauri RT @MuhammadKhursid: #Quran is best guidance for mankind so instead of wasting time we as #Pakistanis must show hurry in turning attention…
Muhammad Kamran(2020/12/15 02:02:46)

1NathanPaul @donwinslow Here’s a thought; There are more elderly people who are there and they go out and vote for party over p… https://t.co/YJSILUw938
Nathan(2020/12/15 02:02:45)

taketorasaurus nothing gives me more anxiety than turning my pc on and having a black screen aka whats happening rn
ava / olly 🦕(2020/12/15 02:02:45)





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